Magisk v23.0

[App] Update snet extension. This fixes SafetyNet API errors.  [App] Fix a bug in the stub app that causes APK installation to fail [App] Hide annoying errors in logs when hidden as stub [App] Fix issues when patching ODIN tar files when the app is hidden [General] Remove all pre Android 5.0 support [General] UpdateContinue reading

Magisk v22.1

[App] Prevent multiple installation sessions running in parallel [App] Prevent OutOfMemory crashes when checking boot signature on PXA boot images [General] Proper cgroup migration implementation [General] Rewrite log writer from scratch, should resolve any crashes and deadlocks [General] Many scripts updates fixing regressions [MagiskHide] Prevent possible deadlock when signal arrives [MagiskHide] Partial match process namesContinue reading

Magisk v22.0

[General] Magisk and Magisk Manager is now merged into the same package! [App] The term “Magisk Manager” is no longer used elsewhere. We refer it as the Magisk app. [App] Support hiding the Magisk app with advanced technique (stub APK loading) on Android 5.0+ (it used to be 9.0+) [App] Disallow re-packaging the Magisk appContinue reading