All Xiaomi Phone QCN Backup Files

All Xiaomi Phone QCN Backup Files

QCN = Qualcomm Calibration Network

Basically QCN file built in in all latest android mobile phone. QCN is the main and sensitive file of network, hidden in the deepest core of mobile phone internal memory file system (in efs folder, where all information of imei and baseband are saved). Also there are values such as IMEI and MEID number, network calibration values.

If the network is not running or it does not switch 2G-3G-Lte there is an error in this file.

In additional info, the QCN file does not contain Wi-Fi and MAC values.

Download Section

Phone NameCodeNameDownload Link
POCO F1berylliumDownload
POCO F2 ProlmiDownload
POCO F3aliothDownload
POCO F4munchDownload
POCO F4 GTingres#YOK
POCO F5ingresDownload
POCO M2 Program#YOK
POCO M3citrusDownload
POCO X3suryaDownload
POCO X3 NFCsuryaDownload
POCO X3 ProvayuDownload
POCO X4 Pro 5Gveux#YOK
Redmi 10 Indiafog#YOK
Redmi 10 Power (India)fog#YOK
Redmi 10CfogDownload
Redmi 1Swt98007#YOK
Redmi 2 ProHM2014819#YOK
Redmi 2/Redmi 2 Primewt86047Download
Redmi 3/Redmi 3 ProidoDownload
Redmi 3slandDownload
Redmi 3s PrimelandDownload
Redmi 3xlandDownload
Redmi 4 (4X)santoniDownload
Redmi 4 (China)santoniDownload
Redmi 4 PrimemarkwDownload
Redmi 4ArolexDownload
Redmi 5rosyDownload
Redmi 5 PlusvinceDownload
Redmi 5ArivaDownload
Redmi 6 ProsakuraDownload
Redmi 7oncliteDownload
Redmi 7ApineDownload
Redmi 8oliveDownload
Redmi 8AoliveliteDownload
Redmi 8A Dualolivewood#YOK
Redmi 8A Proolivewood#YOK
Redmi 9 PowerlimeDownload
Redmi 9TlimeDownload
Redmi GotiareDownload
Redmi K20davinciDownload
Redmi K20 ProraphaelDownload
Redmi K30phoenixDownload
Redmi K30 5GpicassoDownload
Redmi K30 5G RacingpicassoDownload
Redmi K30 ProlmiDownload
Redmi K30i 5Gpicasso_48m#YOK
Redmi K30SapolloDownload
Redmi K40aliothDownload
Redmi K40 ProhaydnDownload
Redmi K40 Pro+haydnDownload
Redmi K40Smunch#YOK
Redmi K50 Gamingingres#YOK
Redmi K50 Ultraditing#YOK
Redmi Note 10mojitoDownload
Redmi Note 10 LitecurtanaDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProsweetDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProsweetinDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GveuxDownload

Download 2 ENG
Redmi Note 11 SpesDownload
Redmi Note 12sunstone#YOK
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4Gsweet_k6aDownload
Redmi Note 12 Turbosweet_k6aDownload
Redmi Note 3kenzoDownload
Redmi Note 4midoDownload
Redmi Note 4GdiorDownload
Redmi Note 4XmidoDownload
Redmi Note 5 AI Dual CamerawhyredDownload
Redmi Note 5 ProwhyredDownload
Redmi Note 6 ProtulipDownload
Redmi Note 7lavenderDownload
Redmi Note 7 ProvioletDownload
Redmi Note 7SlavenderDownload
Redmi Note 8ginkgoDownload
Redmi Note 8TwillowDownload
Redmi Note 9 4GlimeDownload
Redmi Note 9 ProjoyeuseDownload
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5GgauguinDownload
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxexcaliburDownload
Redmi Note 9ScurtanaDownload
Redmi Note Primegucci#YOK
Redmi S2 (Redmi Y2)yslDownload
Redmi Y1 (Note 5A)uggDownload
Redmi Y1 LiteuggliteDownload
Redmi Y3oncDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NElisaDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProviliDownload
Xiaomi 12cupid#YOK
Xiaomi 12 Litetaoyao#YOK
Xiaomi 12 ProzeusDownload
Xiaomi 12 Ultrathor#YOK
Xiaomi 12Smayfly#YOK
Xiaomi 12S ProUnicorn#YOK
Xiaomi 12S Ultrathor#YOK
Xiaomi 12T ProditingDownload
Xiaomi 12Xpsyche#YOK
Xiaomi 13fuxi#YOK
Xiaomi 13 Pronuwa#YOK
Xiaomi CC9pyxis#YOK
Xiaomi CC9elaurus#YOK
Xiaomi Civimona#YOK
Xiaomi Civi 1Szijin#YOK
Xiaomi Mi 10umiDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5GmonetDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10 ProcmiDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10 UltracasDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth 5GvangoghDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10i 5GgauguinDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10Sthyme#YOK
Xiaomi Mi 10T 5GapolloDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10T LitegauguinDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10T ProapolloDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11venusDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11 LitecourbetDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5Grenoir#YOK
Xiaomi Mi 11 ProstarDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11 UltrastarDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11ihaydnDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11XaliothDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11X ProhaydnDownload
Xiaomi Mi 2ariesDownload
Xiaomi Mi 2Saries#YOK
Xiaomi Mi 3cancroDownload
Xiaomi Mi 4cancroDownload
Xiaomi Mi 4 LTEcancroDownload
Xiaomi Mi 4clibraDownload
Xiaomi Mi 4iferrariDownload
Xiaomi Mi 4saquaDownload
Xiaomi Mi 5geminiDownload
Xiaomi Mi 5s PlusnatriumDownload
Xiaomi Mi 6sagitDownload
Xiaomi Mi 6XwayneDownload
Xiaomi Mi 8dipperDownload
Xiaomi Mi 8 ExplorerursaDownload
Xiaomi Mi 8 LiteplatinaDownload
Xiaomi Mi 8 ProequuleusDownload
Xiaomi Mi 8 SEsiriusDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9cepheusDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9 ExplorercepheusDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9 LitepyxisDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5GcruxDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9 SEgrusDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9TdavinciDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9T ProraphaelDownload
Xiaomi Mi A1tissotDownload
Xiaomi Mi A2jasmine_sproutDownload
Xiaomi Mi A2 LitedaisyDownload
Xiaomi Mi A3laurelDownload
Xiaomi Mi CC9 ProtucanaDownload
Xiaomi Mi MaxcapricornDownload
Xiaomi Mi Max 2oxygenDownload
Xiaomi Mi Max 3nitrogenDownload
Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLDcetus#YOK
Xiaomi Mi MixlithiumDownload
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2chironDownload
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2SpolarisDownload
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3perseus#YOK
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5GandromedaDownload
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alphadraco#YOK
Xiaomi Mi NotevirgoDownload
Xiaomi Mi Note 10tucanaDownload
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 LitetocoDownload
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 ProtucanaDownload
Xiaomi Mi Note 2scorpioDownload
Xiaomi Mi Note 3jasonDownload
Xiaomi Mi Note Proleo#YOK
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4clover#YOK
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plusclover#YOK
Xiaomi Mix 4odin#YOK
Xiaomi Pad 5nabu#YOK
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5Genuma#YOK
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Wi-Fielish#YOK

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