All Xiaomi Phone QCN Backup Files

All Xiaomi Phone QCN Backup Files

QCN = Qualcomm Calibration Network

Basically QCN file built in in all latest android mobile phone. QCN is the main and sensitive file of network, hidden in the deepest core of mobile phone internal memory file system (in efs folder, where all information of imei and baseband are saved). Also there are values such as IMEI and MEID number, network calibration values.

If the network is not running or it does not switch 2G-3G-Lte there is an error in this file.

In additional info, the QCN file does not contain Wi-Fi and MAC values.

Download Section

Phone NameDownload Link
Mi A2 LiteDownload
Max 3Download
Mi 6 128GBDownload
Mi 6XDownload
Mi 8 EEDownload
Mi 8 LiteDownload
Mi 8 SEDownload
Mi 8Download
Mi 9Download
Mi 9 SEDownload
Mi 9TDownload
Mi 11T ProDownload
Mi 11 LiteDownload
Max 2Download
Mi MixDownload
Mi Note 10Download
Mi Max ProDownload
Mi NoteDownload
Mi Note LiteDownload
Mi Note ProDownload
Mi Note 3Download
Mi 4 LTEDownload
Mi 4 WCDMADownload
Mi 4SDownload
Mi 5Download
Mi A2Download
Mi Note 2Download
Mix 2SDownload
Redmi Note 5 ProDownload
Redmi Note 6 ProDownload
Redmi Note 7Download
Redmi Note 8TDownload
Redmi Note 9SDownload
Redmi Note 9 ProDownload
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro Max (Sweetin)Download
Redmi Note 10 Pro (Sweet)Download
Poco X3 NFCDownload
Redmi K30 4G / Poco X2 (phoenix)Download
Redmi 5 PlusDownload
Redmi 5 PlusDownload
Redmi GoDownload
Redmi K30 5GDownload
Redmi K20 Pro / Mi9T ProDownload
Mi 10T LiteDownload
Redmi Note 4 MidoDownload
Redmi S2Download
Redmi 2 PrimeDownload
Redmi 3Download
Redmi 3 ProDownload
Redmi 3SDownload
Redmi 4ADownload
Redmi 4XDownload
Redmi 5Download
Redmi 5 PlusDownload
Redmi 7ADownload
Redmi 9TDownload
Redni Note 4G Dual SimDownload
Redmi Note 4G Single SimDownload
Redmi Note 5Download
Redmi Note 8TDownload
Redmi Note 3 KenzoDownload
Redmi Note 3 KateDownload
Redmi Note 5ADownload
Redmi Note 11Download
Mi 5S PlusDownload
Mi 3Download
Mi 4CDownload
Mi 5Download
Mi 5SDownload
Mi A1Download
Mi 6 SagitDownload

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