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Mi Flash Pro

If you don’t know about MiFlashPro software, here’s a short description. This tool will help you to flash and restore your Xiaomi smartphone, you can easily download the required ROM using the software interface, flash from recovery mode without unlocking the bootloader. It will work even if forgot the key lock pattern or fingerprint. In my opinion this is an ultimate tool for flashing and recovering Xiaomi devices.

General screen.
Download ROMs right from MiFlashPro interface.

Download Section

Name/VersionDownload Links
MiFlash Pro v7.3.608.18Download
MiFlash Pro v7.3.422.16Download
MiFlash Pro v7.3.224.9Download
MiFlash Pro v7.3.105.7Download
MiFlash Pro v6.3.318.42Download
MiFlash Pro v6.3.311.41Download
MiFlash Pro v5.3.1104.39Download
MiFlash Pro v5.3.714.36Download
MiFlashPro v4.3.1220.29Download
MiFlash Pro v4.3.1129.28Download
MiFlash Pro v4.3.1108.24Download
MiFlashPro v3.3.518.58Download
MiFlashPro v3.3.419.57Download
MiFlashPro v3.3.319.52Download
MiFlashPro v3.3.305.45Download
MiFlashPro v3.3.224.42Download
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