Xiaomi MTP Driver

Xiaomi MTP Driver

  • First we open the device manager of our computer.
  • We’re turning on portable devices, I’m going to have a driver with an exclamation mark on the bottom, and I was writing something like mtp.
  • We download the attached driver to the desktop, extract it from the folder and create a folder and throw it into
  • Right-click on the driver with an exclamation mark and say update driver software
  • There will be two options and we will click on scan my computer for driver software.
  • From the Browse option, we will select the folder where we put the driver into the desktop and install it.

If using WIN 10 after extract the file you can right click and select install

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  1. paco19 September 2020 at 21:42 Reply

    hola esta en ingles y lo siento pero no entiendo pero me gusta la pagina y el servicio. Gracias

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